Tuesday, June 17, 2014

God Works in Mysterious Ways

Remember how my wish was to go home for Father's Day?

Well. I did!

On Friday night Heather and I decided we wanted to see Divergent (OH MY HECK GO SEE IT GO SEE IT!! So good. Plus it's in the dollar theater so.. why not see it?). Last minute we invited some guys from our old ward. They came with their friends from BYUI who were here for the weekend and just found out their sleeping arrangements bailed. Naturally Heather and I said it wouldn't be a problem for them to crash on our couch for a few nights.
Sunday it hit me. They were driving back to Idaho after church and leaving at the exact time that would get me home in time for dinner at my Grandma's.
Dad's present was too big for one roll of wrapping paper.. 

So yes, I rode with basically complete strangers that had been sleeping on my couch to Bountiful where Ash picked me up and I surprised everyone for dinner.
It was fantastic and most definitely a tender mercy from The Lord. Nothing special happened, but he knew how badly I wanted to be at home with my family that night so he provided a way for it to happen.

I don't believe in coincidences; I believe in a loving Father in Heaven who knows our every wish and every need. He watches over and is with us constantly. He is found in the details of our lives; in the little things that make all the difference. I am so grateful this Father's Day for not only the most wonderful Dad in the world who loves me, supports all my dreams, and taught me all the important lessons in life, but also for my Father in Heaven who is thee perfect Father in every sense of the word.

Me and my dad on my dream trip to Italy <3
Take the time to talk to both of your Father's today and show them how much you appreciate and love them, okay? Okay great.

Tomorrow I will be taking my bio-organic chem final. Yikes. Wish me luck? I am so happy to be (almost) done with chemistry for a while. Huzzah!

B-Kasp (one of my very best friends) is also leaving the MTC (finally.. 11 weeks later) tomorrow and is going to call me when he's in the airport. I seriously hope he doesn't call during my test.. Ah. But I am so so excited to get to talk to him! He is such an example of what a missionary should be like. He's had a lot of unexpected events happen and some would get discouraged or frustrated or complain or just quit; not him. He has such a good attitude and always says it's in the Lord's hands (and he's right!). Love that kid. In a friendly way. Haha.

God is good to me.

Love Always, Aimee