Monday, May 18, 2015

I promise I am alive.

I used to think that I was terrible at blogging because school made me so busy.
However, after being out of school for a month, I have to conclude that that is not the case.
I must just be lazy.
But I'm not a lazy person, so that can't explain my prolonged absence either.
I think the truth is deep down I am worried my life is no longer interesting.
I said it! I no longer live in the most enchanting and exciting city in the world, so my world must not be noteworthy anymore, right? ... Even typing that out sounds silly, but I can't deny the ring of truth I have been trying to avoid.
Coming home from London sucked.
I said it! I am being brutally honest with you all. It was hard to come home. I jokingly told my mother if it wasn't Christmas I wouldn't have been coming home. Except it wasn't a joke, not really. It was hard to leave 27 Palace Court and all the adventures every day brought with it. The 40 best friends I spent all my time with, the 20 million stairs I climbed daily, the never-ending tube rides, the city lights and towering buildings that made me feel so small and yet so at home, the breathtaking countryside that was so opposite of London itself and STILL felt like home, the misty rain that made my hair a hopeless mess, the theatre, the archaic churches, art galleries galore, and street market after street market full of fascinating people and unbelievable food... Yeah. It was hard to leave and even more heart breaking to know I would probably never call that place home again.

They say London is the cross roads of the world; I full-heartedly concur. You can walk down any street and hear many languages and you can get authentic food from literally any country in the world because people come from all over to world to live in London. Something about that tiny, over-populated city draws people to it. Even though you practically have to sell your first-born child to pay for a tiny apartment, people find it worth it. There is something so unique and special about that city. To just sit back and watch the world walk by you and be a part of every culture and every type of event is just... I am at a loss to explain what it is really like to be a part of. England will always be home in my heart. I would not trade that opportunity for anything.

All of that being said, I still truly do love my life here. I do! It's such a wonderful life. This last semester was my favorite one yet (besides London, obvi). I finished my minor in family studies and took anatomy so I LOVED all of my classes, my random roommates turned out to be some of my very best friends, and I had an awesome ward. I was so sad to move out a few weeks ago and say goodbye to such a brilliant time.

Other things that have happened:

I bought a car! Does that make me an adult? It's a cute, little silver corolla affectionately named Louis. (Yes, after One Direction.. I asked my London Ladies and they suggested Harry Styles, but my car was just not perfect enough to be a Harry Styles. So we went with Louis; adorable, but not Harry. Also he was my perfect mate according to buzzfeed so it only made sense).

I missed my first college class EVER to go see my dear cousin Linds return from her mission to California! It was a much needed break, even if only for a weekend. Oh my gosh I did not realize how much my heart needed to see that girl. ALSO. As of last week, she is now engaged! How crazy is that? Turns out I get to go back to California this August for a wedding! I love love.

I turned 20!!
RIP to those awkward teenage years. I am sorry, but you will not be missed.

One of my best friends since age 7 (and future roommate!!) came home from her mission!!
Best birthday present ever, right? I am so excited to show you the ropes at college, Rick! <3

I got a job as an EFY Counselor for the summer! My wish from 5 years ago is coming to light. It seems so weird, haha. I start next week. Sure, it might just be glorified babysitting of teenagers for the summer, but I am so excited! I love the youth and the enthusiasm and light they have. I am pumped to work closely with them again, and a small part of my hopes that I can have a good influence on at least one of them this summer. That would be the ultimate dream; to be a force for good and bring someone a little closer to Christ by loving them as He does.

I threw my soon-to-be-sister Emily a bridal shower! It was a lot of work, but so much fun. I think my love language is actually party planning. Or at least my dream side job anyways (so if any of you need any parties planned... hit me up). *pictures coming soon. I think it went well? There was a point about two hours before it started that I did not know if it would all come together, but of course it did. It was real good food and real good people celebrating a really beautiful girl; I am going to deem it a success.
Are they not just the cutest couple in the history of ever?? 
Well. That's about it! I have been spending my mornings running or swimming, days cleaning/organizing or doing research for a professor at school, afternoons watching my sister's softball games, and my evenings with my family or friends. It is a pretty good life, I tell you. Noteworthy, even without the adventures afforded by London. God is so good and life is so beautiful.
these are some of the best people I know. 
Oh, yeah. I guess I dyed my hair back to it's natural brown. Kind of miss the red, but it will be easier to maintain this summer. Or so I keep telling myself. 

Love Always, Aimee

This is what happens when my sister asks me to tend her dog for the weekend. 
I'm more of a cat person, tbh...