Tuesday, November 25, 2014

{just a few photos}

**I did post twice in one day; if you want to read of one of my favorite days thus far please see the post directly before this one. If you just want to see an overview via pictures you are in the right place**

In attempt to catch up on the blog before heading out of the country, I decided the only way I would be able to share a piece of what I have been up to would be in a semi-massive photo dump with minor captions of shots from my favorite adventures these last few weeks. Enjoy! 

Isn't he so cute? Everyone else at the centre was jealous.
Surprise! Did I mention to you how my wonderful dad got his business layover in London for two days so he could come visit me? He's the bomb. He took me to Westminster Abbey, the Churchill War Rooms, dinner, and even went to church with me Sunday! (which is actually quite the process..) He was quite the celebrity there once Bishop realized he was 'Elder Erickson's father from the States.' 
I don't know how much he enjoyed the weekend, but it was one of my very favorites. Love you Dad! 

Another favorite day:


There are no words for the pure joy and brilliance of this place. It is where all the movies were filmed and has the sets, props. costumes, making-of clips, audio guides with Tom Felton's beautiful voice.. It really was incredible. Worth every. single. pound. Plus! I finally got to try real Butterbeer. It tasted like a mix of cream soda with butterscotch and vanilla.. I enjoyed it. Especially the foam on top.  I guess the only word to use for the day was Magical.




Dumbledore's office, Number 4 Privet Drive (specifically the cupboard under the stairs..), Diagon Alley, Mirror of Erised, butter beer.. so many quality experiences.

It occurred to me that we have been doing all our group travels wrong here in England for we have not been using the Knight bus.. I will have to take it up with the professors next time I see them. 
On another note, I am convinced I have the cutest friends.

The stories we love best stay with us forever;
Hogwarts will always be my home. 
Once upon a time there was a Monday where we all thought we would be slaving away typing up two papers due Wednesday and Saturday. Then our professor decided to be the greatest person of ever and push back their deadlines a week and a half because he noticed we were drowning. Then we felt free as a bird and a few of us went to watch the World Premiere of Mockingjay in Leicester Square. You know, the red carpet thing with all the celebrities?? IT WAS SO RAD.

At first we were outside a back barricade and could not see too much. I slowly started sneaking my way up and we ended up next to the security guy. Now, the girls next to us were being super obnoxious trying to convince him to let them in. We just bided our time and became his friend. 
yeah. Who do you think he let in? 
That's right. Us. And it was totally wicked.
Now, I love The Hunger Games. Specifically Peeta. I have since the 8th grade. 
I also happen to love Josh Hutcherson. 
Put the two together and I basically wanted to throw up I was so excited and fangirling so hard.
When Jutcherson got close to the side we were on, Ellen was a champ and let me jump on her back to get a photo. I SERIOUSLY WAS FIVE FEET FROM HIM. It was one of the best moments of my life (not to be too dramatic).. 

This photo is not zoomed in. Repeat, this photo is not zoomed in. 


Can we all just take a moment and remember how hilarious and perfect Jennifer Lawrence is and how attractive Liam Hemsworth is.

The real shocker? He is even more beautiful in person.
How, I have no idea.

Thoroughly convinced he is one of the most beautiful human beings alive. 

Get it, Five Girls at Five Guys? 

P.S. We also definitely went to the midnight showing of the movie (a day before in showed in the states -- what up snitches-- and after we had already gone to see a show, White Christmas; it was a crazy day.. Also London is a little crazy at 3 am. Who knew?) and it was incredible. Hard to watch because it has a lot of war and sadness and they were not afraid to show it, but very well done. Heavy breathing the whole time. I will never be emotionally prepared for the final one though. 

so scenic and so beautiful, which is amazing considering how old is it. We punted the Cam and had a jolly good time!  



Coolest place in London?
Houses of Parliament. Gorgeous interior with the most fascinating tour.

Those are some of our wards missionaries waiting on the other half so we could head to dinner... Haha.

Favorite day trip thus far.
Wandering the streets and touring the colleges was like stepping into another world. I wish I could attend Uni there.. It felt a little bit like Hogwarts to be honest. It just was the perfect college town with beautiful, old architecture.

We ran up a church tower right as the sun was setting; it was the perfect ending to our day there. 


This pub is where Tolkien, Lewis, and other famous authors used to go and write. pretty legit.


St. Paul's Cathedral.
Oh. My. Goodness.
All I can say is Christopher Wren is a genius.
And this is the most beautiful cathedral I have ever been in.
And I have been in more cathedrals than I care to count.

This is my beautiful (although foggy) city. 

 It was a little sentimental climbing it after living here for three months.. I could recognize so many sites and areas that I loved. Ah. This city. It is amazing. Everyone should come live here for part of their life.

How do they expect me to say goodbye to this lovely city and these wonderful people in just two weeks? 


Funny story time: the girl who took the photo of us on the steps, Corey, is infamous for somehow always getting chocolate on her face. She had just got a chocolate filled doughnut before agreeing to take our picture. At first she set in on the ground on a napkin but of course the stupid pigeons darted towards it instantly. So she picked it up and decided to just hold it in her mouth for a moment. Well.. We took the picture and gathered up our things to head to the Tate Modern for a humanities assignment when we realized she had chocolate filling EVERYWHERE. It had dripped down her neck, across her chest, on her purse and sweater.. It was just a mess. And none of us had noticed for about five minutes. Like I am talking it had dried on her by this point. It was so funny.

Another Must-do of London Living: High Tea!
We went to Kensington Palace because duh, Kensington Palace, and because we live up the street from it. It is one of my favorite places so it might as well be the place I blow way too much money on tea and treats. (nobody freak out, the tea was word of wisdom approved).

How cute are my friends here? I honestly adore all of them. It was so much fun to get dressed up and go out together! It reminded me of the tea parties I used to have with my cousin at Grandma's when we were little. Those were the days...


Am I British yet?? 

Oh, wait. When I said I was going to school in London, did I fail to mention it was actually at Hogwarts?

brb BYU.

And there we go! I hope you caught a glimpse of some of the adventures living in London provides. I am truly blessed to live this life and can't believe my luck. Just two more weeks! what a crazy thought.

Love Always, Aimee 


Here's a couple shots of me and Ben; he's one of my favorite sites here in London.
(Fun fact: Big Ben is actually the bell inside the tower, not the clock. Now you know.)