Sunday, March 15, 2015


I must have had some theory when I returned to school that my life was suddenly uninteresting and thus did not need to be updated via this blog as often.

But then today I realized it is halfway through March and over a quarter of the way through the year and I have not posted one thing. And sure,  I know longer spend my days wandering London or weekends visiting other countries or castles. I spend my days sitting in classes or studying cadavers in the anatomy lab and my nights writing research papers or reading textbooks, but my life is not inconsequential because of it. Freak. I love my life! Research papers, never-ending classes and all.

First day of class shot. This is home. 
My teachers are amazing. I am learning so so much every day. Anatomy? GUYS. Everyone should take it!! It is so cool to study the body. And really, how can you study the body and not KNOW there was a divine creator? This stuff does not just happy people. It's perfect and beautiful and amazing. Even if the smell is less so.
skully is the only one who understands. 
My other classes are so uplifting. I am so grateful I had an extra semester to complete a minor in Family Life (someone remind me of this in a few years when I just want to be done and graduated).
new desk, old memories. 
Here's what I love about BYU: we accept all truth as what it is: truth. Gospel truths included. Meaning my teachers can testify of Christ and Eternal Families and the Atonement and things the Prophet's have taught us as we study the body or chemistry or family finance. And you wouldn't think those things all relate back to the gospel but holy cow I am here to tell you that they do. Everything is related to the gospel because God created this world and the elements in it. He is the only one who truly understands everything and the one who inspires us to be able to as well. There is no where else in the world that you can get such a good education by the world's standard as well as an education in the gospel. It is unlike anything else to feel the Spirit in a science class. There is no where else I would rather be (even if we don't get a spring break..).
original by yours truly. 
My roommates are bomb. I don't know how I have lucked out every semester so far. I always seem to have exactly the people living with me I need to learn from (it's weird, it's like I have someone watching out for me who knows everything or something).
Just your casual Saturday night jam session. 
Peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth. 
mini London Roommate Reunion. These girls are my favorite humans. 
The weather? Do I even need to explain this one? It has been beautiful. I have never seen a "winter" like this. Sure, we have no water yet for the summer.. But hey. I have nothing against April showers. Those are way better than January or February blizzards in my book.
surprise visit to see my favorite RM in California? YES. YES YES YES.
And that is only the very beginning of the list of reasons why my life is so wonderful.
new favorite place to eat: BAKED. Guys. I am a firm believer that sandwiches = life.
Well. It's almost midnight and I still have some reading to do for class tomorrow, so I will end there.
But just so ya'll know, I am alive and well and still loving life.
Yes, I miss England. I think I always will. But I also know happiness is very much a choice in life. And I will always (try to) choose to be happy.
So come what may and love it.

Love Always, Aimee

 (Sorry I don't have any really cool pictures really to post, just a lot of jumbled up thoughts and shots from real life.. but here's a flashback for your enjoyment and my heart ache)
(this is also home)