Saturday, August 23, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Okay so maybe the title of this was cheesy, but I couldn't resist. It just fit too well for how I've been feeling this week. With less than 5 days until take off I have been noticing more and more the things I am saying goodbye to and what I will be missing.

Such as:

Holy cow; I love to bake. Which is ironic since I hardly eat treats, but I love to make them. To compensate for the 4 months of no baking I have been a machine this week. I've made peach pies, chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chips swirled into it and this amazing pudding topping, cinnamon rolls (from scratch, I might add. The dough was so perfect I wanted to cry.), cookies, and other things. I might make banana bread tomorrow. We'll see. 

My bed.
Pathetic, but it's true. There is no place like my own room and bed snuggled in with a book at night. 

Speaking of books, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT MY CLOSET OF BOOKS TO CHOOSE FROM? Sometimes I just want to read a book so I pick whatever I'm feeling and start at my favorite parts and read for the night. What do I do in London? I can't take 500 books with me just to satisfy my whims. I have a kindle, but it is definitely not the same. Though I have decided to bring the first Harry Potter with me; it only feels right. 

Phase 10 and Super Smash Bros with my brothers. 
Need I say more? 

Still have figured how to cope with this one.
Maybe it rains so much in London I will constantly feel like I'm in the pool?
Also riding my bike. I love riding my bike to my grandma's everyday.

Which leads me to the next thing:
My grandparents. I have thee best grandparents in the world and I will miss spending Sunday evenings visiting them and playing double solitaire and.. It is going to be a rough separation to say the least. 

I am sure once I am there I will notice loads more, but this is a start.

However, as it gets closer I also am getting more and more excited. Which I originally did not believe to be possible. I haven't slept properly in about three weeks due to anticipation (so yes, my eye has been twitching for over two weeks due to lack of sleep. That's a real thing). But I am thinking that staying up all night before going is the best option because then I might actually be able to sleep on the plane and be on the right time zone when I get there! See the genius there? Thanks. 

Well. That is all for now. 

Love Always, Aimee

Sunday, August 17, 2014


#MaineHoliday was absolutely perfect. Maine is one of the prettiest states in the US, no question. It is about 91% trees, 6% lobster, 2% Moose and other woodland animals, and 1% people. You think I am kidding.


It was so nice to be able to relax, spend time with cousins, drive through the trees, eat the best ice cream known to man, go sea kayaking, shopping, and - of course - play lots of games (aka win lots of games. #champion). 

The one question my grandma asked when we got back was, "what was your favorite part?"
It's been almost two weeks and I still don't have an answer for her! But I think it was just being there as a family again. It'd been 5 years since we managed to get EVERYONE in our family on the family vacation with Jake's mission, Ashley married, and Ashley going to Swizterland way back when, and my trip to Italy last summer. It was much needed to be together again, and Maine was the perfect place to go because there's not a ton of exciting things to do and cell phone service is essentially nonexistent so you are forced to just be with each other. 

Here are some of the favorite pictures from the trip:

End of our all night flight and rethinking life..
ready for take off!

Sometimes the trees get a little repetitive..
classic light house with my classy brothers

I might have encouraged Sam to get in a strangers boat to take a picture. #nobounds
So maybe I love him.
(please forgive my Hermione hair; humidity..)
Just being the bully I am.
Giant boot. Where's the bean stalk?
games on games on games
Yes. I ate a bright pink hot dog. When in Maine, right?
We're really into social things.
Social media that is. 
I might as well open up a pizza restaurant. Me and Ash are professionals. 
My cute cute cousins <3
The ancient and awesome and possibly haunted house we rented

Sea kayaking! need I say more?

Lake day

Russian gas masks. Because why not?
Don't let my face fool you; the lobster was dang good. Once you forget that you saw it alive 15 minutes ago..

Maine State Fair
Rock on. 

Finally. They finally got it. 

Travel buddies peacing out.

So that was our vacation in pictures! 
Fun story: Me and Sam were kayak partners and for some reason we could not manage to keep up with everyone else. For the life of me I can't figure out why. We aren't weak and it just didn't make sense.. But it was happening. And I kid you not, every single time the guide looked back to check on us Sam had just barely stopped paddling so everyone thought he wasn't helping me at all. Haha he was totally doing most of the work but they gave him a hard time about it for the whole trip. I didn't correct them for a while.. Whoops? So funny.

Anyways. It's hard to believe it will just be another week before I am back at the airport but I couldn't be more excited! 

Love Always, Aimee