Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Wish your Friends were as Fantastic as Mine.

I wish you could all meet my friends because I am convinced they are the best in the world.
The trouble is they are all over the world so it would be difficult for you to accomplish.
Maybe in two years we can talk.

Most are out serving LDS missions and changing their life and all those around them. I am so grateful for their examples and I definitely miss them like crazy. But I know that we are all exactly where we need to be at this point in life to learn the most. So even though I miss them I don't wish they were here.
I just work on becoming a better person everyday and learning all I can in Provo and send my prayers (and letters! haha) out to Canada, India, New Zealand, South America, Europe, Korea, Vanuatu, and around the good old USA. We'll resume partying approximately summer 2015 and I cannot wait. Until then I will have to settle for hanging in Provo, welcoming home my brother from his own mission, traveling Europe, and working on other life goals I've set.
I think the best part about life is that there is always something to look forward to, work for, and be excited about. But there is also always something to enjoy right now. Life is so good.
Even when your friends live around the world and you are left sitting alone in your apartment on a Thursday night wondering what in the world to do with yourself because your brain can't possibly handle any more school for the night. Life is still good. The future is as bright as your faith.
Love Always, Aimee

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Best News.

Well folks. This is a game changer right here.

My acceptance letter came from BYU's London Study Abroad program last night.
Now before you just think "oh, that's so cool. Congratulations" let me try and explain to you what this means to me.
I believe in dreaming big and doing everything in your power to get there. So since about the 6th grade I have had this idea of going to London with BYU to stay at their center there and study the culture, art, and history of possibly the most fascinating city in the world. I spent my life getting the top grades in school so I could get into BYU and apply for this. I checked online for the last three years every semester to see how the different semesters varied in classes offered and professors. I worked all through high school and saved a lot of my money to pay for it. This isn't something I am doing on a whim or because it sounds cool. This isn't something I am just springing on my parents and expecting them to pay. This is a goal I have worked towards for many years and talked about for so long that it doesn't seem real now.
There are many reasons I have wanted to do this for so long. What sparked the idea was my mother. She actually did the same program while she attended BYU way back when. 
Next, England's history has always intrigued me and I love learning about it. Who doesn't?
Then there are my family ties. Majority of my ancestors are from Great Britain, my grandpa served his mission in England, my dad served in Scotland, and my older brother is currently serving in the London South mission (but don't freak out, he will be home before I leave in the fall).
 I feel such a strong connection to this city and I need to go experience and live in where I feel half of me belongs. I really can't explain why or how, but London calls to me. And now that it is real I can't stop smiling. I am so excited. I have never felt poorer but also never felt happier. I know it will only be for three months, but the experience will shape and impact the rest of my life because I will allow it to.
I really can't stop smiling. There isn't a better feeling in the world than wanting something so bad, working for it so hard, and then leaving the rest in the Lord's hands and watching it all fall into place. This last fall semester I have loved living in Provo, but the whole time I couldn't help but feel I wouldn't be back the next fall. I know that the Lord respects our righteous desires and I know he wants us to dream and plan. He wants us to have goals and work for them. What is important to me is important to him. All those nights I prayed that this was right for me and would work out he listened to and calmed my anxious and nervous heart. He never promised I would go, but he promised it would all work out. And I am so happy that it worked out the way I was hoping. But I know if it hadn't it would have been for the better because there would be something else for me to do.
I am ready to make the world my campus and London my home next fall. Dreams come true and the Lord cares about our effort and goals. I know that.
Love Always, Aimee

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just some introductions..

My roommates. Let me tell you about my roommates.
They one of a kind.. And fantastic.

First, there's Morgan. She is the one sticking her tongue out in the back. No worries, contrary to this picture, she actually isn't a supporter of Miley Cyrus. However, she is my own personal comic relief. She can make the worst days the best and her puns get me every time. I really cannot say enough good things about this girl so I will leave it at that. But let it be known that I love her.

Next to Morgs is Abby, not looking at the camera. Classic. Things you should know about this girl. Everyone is either 1) her best friend, 2) like her brother, or 3) she LOVES them. She is funny, kind, and rocks everything she wears. She's a keeper. But be warned, when she's thirsty she will quench it.

The front left is Sierra. aka Mom. She is always taking care of us. She is going to be a good wife guys. Take note. Haha oh and she is never short on awkward lovers coming to visit. We are still trying to figure out how to relieve our apartment of them. I'll get back to you on that. Sierra is great. Sometimes we pretend we work out and run. 

Next to Sierra is Sadie. She might just be the funniest person in the world. I cannot count how many times Morg and I laid on the ground laughing because of her blunt comments. She actually leaves tomorrow to serve her mission in Missouri! Her laugh is missed around here.

In front is Nathan, our adopted roommate. He is great. We also literally found his wife for him in a blind date with Heather's friend. Who knew we were so good?

Next is Heather dear. I adore her. She is sassy but sweet. Oh, and she's got some pretty great dance moves. If you have any gossip on relationships or scandals.. tell her. She will love you. She knows everything about peoples life and it is quite a talent. This girl is fantastic. 

And that is our roommates! 

Some of our adventures this year have included a weekend "staycation" where we stayed up all night watching movie after movie and talking after turning our entire living room into a fort. It was epic. 

Another great night: sledding poor college kid style. Meaning we wore black garbage bags over our heads and as diapers because we don't have sleds. Let's just say we were surprised how well it worked. 

One last adventure to remember was to the always beautiful Temple Square in Salt Lake to enjoy the lights. I will never get sick of going there and seeing the lights and I wouldn't mind if they left them up year round. Or at least until the snow left. 

As you can see, we party hard here in Provo. Every night is an adventure from jumping out the window, exploring caves, to hot tubbing with weird people we don't know. Life is so good. 
Love Always, Aimee

The Beginning.

Hello to whoever might stumble across this blog of my thoughts and adventures. Just a little about myself and place in life. I am a college student at Brigham Young University and I am currently doing my pre-reqs to apply to their nursing program. A huge part of my life is my faith in my Savior; I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or the Mormon Church. If you are interested in learning more about what we believe feel free to check out 
I love the summertime, ceramics, anything with design and creativity involved, baking--especially cinnamon rolls, old Disney movies such as The Lion King or Tarzan, being outside, anything pumpkin flavored, and learning new things. I eat an unhealthy amount of fruit and believe smoothies can make any day fantastic. I am a big supporter of spur-of-the-moment adventures. Reading consumes my free time along with Downtown Abbey (haven't watched it yet? Do yourself a favor and go look it up). I love to play the piano and guitar. Rome, Italy holds half my heart and I am obsessed with traveling. My grandparents are my heroes. Oh, and I absolutely love Harry Potter. Always. 
Love Always, Aimee.