Friday, February 21, 2014

Fridays and Best Friends

I just really love Fridays. And smoothies for breakfast. And going home to see my best friend Jae Col. And weather that makes me believe I can almost pack up my coat and break out my shorts.

Speaking of Jae Col.. As of today she has 75 days until she reports to the Mexico MTC.
Umm. Why does everyone have to keep leaving me?? What am I even going to do this summer?
Be lonely I guess.
Actually I am very excited for her. As long as she doesn't forget about me then life will go on and be good. Also Monday starts the countdown until when my brother gets home from the London South mission. 100 days folks. A hundred days.. We have almost made it!
So I just look at is as I am swapping one best friend for the other. That's fair, right?
I think I have said so many goodbyes I have grown numb to it. I don't know how to handle someone coming back.. This is the first one. But let it be known I am beyond excited. My brother is basically the best person I know and I am so ready for him to be home in the good old USA.

To pass some of the time I am going to spring term of school.
My schedule is so legit. Really I am willing to bet it will be the best semester yet. I am taking a swimming class in the morning (and I am obsessed with the water), then Chem 285 (uhh.. It's fine. It's a prereq so it only makes sense I get it out of the way), and then Ceramics. Ahhhh. I love ceramics. I took it in high school and it it something I have missed tons this year. So my days will consist of swimming, learning, and creating. And the sun. And then partying with Heather dear and our friends that stay here.
So yeah, you could say I am living the dream over here in Happy Valley.

Sometimes I get over whelmed by school and life and everything I want to do/need to do/have to do and then I have minor panic attacks. But once I take a deep breath and step back it doesn't take long to see that life is so wonderful and I am so blessed.

So happy Friday everyone! I hope you go on an adventure. As for me, I will be visiting some people who recently lost their wisdom teeth and going to yet another farewell and saying yet another goodbye. But no worries, goodbye is never for forever.

Love Always, Aimee