Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Something About Spring..

There is something about warm weather that makes life infinity times better.
Have you ever noticed that?
It just makes crazy schedules seem much more doable and under control.
Even though this week is midterms and I have multiple papers, tests, reviews, assignments, quizzes, plus cleaning checks and a sunday school lesson to plan it doesn't seem to be a big deal because I can sit out on the grass to study. I can walk out at six o'clock and not feel cold. I can take a deep breath and feel the sunshine soak in.

As one of my friends wisely put, it's like you just put all your cares in a box and mail it off. Not because they aren't important, but because you know everything is going to work out.
Everything always does. The Lord has a perfect plan for each of us.
Spring is just the perfect reminder of that.
Maybe because Spring is the season of renewal and the season our Savior was raised from the dead.
The reason we have hope for the future.
Makes sense.

So I hope you all remember that as you sit outside enjoying this beautiful weather and wonderful life.
We are so blessed and life is so good.

Love Always, Aimee