Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Succeed in College Without Really Trying

I am sure you are all dying to know the fool-proof, no fail, guaranteed way to breeze your way through college and do well in all your classes with minimal effort on your part.

Well folks, you are in luck.
I am here tonight to share my secret with you. You ready? Because I don't think you are. But here we go anyways.

How to succeed in college without really trying:

you can't.

There you go; I said it. You cannot succeed in college without really trying. Or if you can I don't know what type of university you go to.. But it probably is not a very good education so you are wasting your time.
Anyways. My point is college is hard. Seriously. And this is coming from someone who is good at school! Not in a cocky, I-think-I'm-the-shiz way, but in a honest to goodness, some people-are-better-at-sports-and-I'm-good-at-school way.
Now, I am in no way saying college isn't worth it or isn't fun. Don't misunderstand me.


However. I am not as much of a fan at spending 9 am to 12:30 am the next day in the library, studying for finals nonstop, for two+ days. But that is sometimes what it takes to succeed in college.
It is 11:25 pm and I am still at it (except for this minor break to type this up so I can digest info and not go crazy.. ha)

I just thought I would do you the favor or warning you now, you know, for the emotional preparation it requires.

BYU Library at 11:30 on a reading day (open until 2 am. yikes. That is def more hardcore than me).

The other half the periodicals..

Other things I've discovered this year?
PLAN YOUR TIME. Serious. There are 24 hours in a day. Know what you're doing with them, but don't forget to include time for yourself! You need a couple breaks to keep yourself sane and healthy.
 USE THE TAs. They are so so helpful and know exactly what you need to know! Don't waste time guessing.
I know this is cliche and you have heard it a million times, but guy. Get your act together.
Honestly it is kind of a joke how empty the library can be on a reading day, designated for studying, and then jam packed while finals are going. Heellllloooo people. Study on the study days, test on the test days. No need to stress. There are no lines the first few days so you save a ton of time, plus the finals aren't getting any easier so why wait?
I brought mine two weeks ago and it was the best decision of my life. If I could redo anything from this year it would be have brought my bike at the beginning. I am being dead serious. I don't know why it makes life infinity times better, but it does, okay? Just trust me on that. You get wind through your hair and can get everywhere at least 7 times faster. Plus you get some killer thigh muscles.
This is self explanatory.
Eat mainly fruits and veggies with whole grains, eggs, and lean meats. Oh and dairy. But not in the form of ice cream. All things in moderation. Word of Wisdom, you know?
Let's just say I am thee ONLY one of my roommates that has not gotten sick even once this entire year. They have all been sick like 3+ times.
You know who eats the most fruits and veggies?
I rest my case.
And go to the gym or go running or play some soccer! Just use your body and appreciate the cool things it can do. It's our greatest gift from God! Love your body.

And last, look good.
I mean, don't be obsessive of your appearance of judgmental of others, but for your own sake. Get up every morning and get ready. Make yourself presentable and feel confident so you can talk to people and people will want to talk to you and you will just feel better at life. DITCH THE SWEATPANTS. Besides, did you know you focus better and test better when you are dressed up?
True story.

Well. My ten minute break is up. I have a good 45 minutes left of studying before calling it quits and going home. The goal is to be in bed before 1 am. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I am taking three tests. Saturday I am taking two and then I AM GOING HOME! For Easter, my best friend's farewell, Sunday dinner, and something else..
Oh yeah.
My birthday! woot woot. 19 and going strong.

Love Always, Aimee