Monday, April 14, 2014

Mondays are My Favorite

You heard me, Mondays are my favorite.
No sarcasm attached!
Why, you may ask?
It's quite simple really.
Missionaries. I love missionaries. And Monday is when the emails come and it's wonderful.

And I also love the high you're on from Sunday, I love planning out my week and seeing what's in store, and I love beginnings. 
So yes. 
Monday is one of my favorite days. 
So have a Happy Monday! Be grateful for it.

Can you tell I am stalling starting my last paper for the semester?
kay cool. Haha I am convinced one of the biggest life skills you learn to master quickly in college or fail is time management. I am also sure there is lots of research to back me up on that. 
Thanks for the distraction.

Love Always, Aimee