Saturday, August 23, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Okay so maybe the title of this was cheesy, but I couldn't resist. It just fit too well for how I've been feeling this week. With less than 5 days until take off I have been noticing more and more the things I am saying goodbye to and what I will be missing.

Such as:

Holy cow; I love to bake. Which is ironic since I hardly eat treats, but I love to make them. To compensate for the 4 months of no baking I have been a machine this week. I've made peach pies, chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chips swirled into it and this amazing pudding topping, cinnamon rolls (from scratch, I might add. The dough was so perfect I wanted to cry.), cookies, and other things. I might make banana bread tomorrow. We'll see. 

My bed.
Pathetic, but it's true. There is no place like my own room and bed snuggled in with a book at night. 

Speaking of books, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT MY CLOSET OF BOOKS TO CHOOSE FROM? Sometimes I just want to read a book so I pick whatever I'm feeling and start at my favorite parts and read for the night. What do I do in London? I can't take 500 books with me just to satisfy my whims. I have a kindle, but it is definitely not the same. Though I have decided to bring the first Harry Potter with me; it only feels right. 

Phase 10 and Super Smash Bros with my brothers. 
Need I say more? 

Still have figured how to cope with this one.
Maybe it rains so much in London I will constantly feel like I'm in the pool?
Also riding my bike. I love riding my bike to my grandma's everyday.

Which leads me to the next thing:
My grandparents. I have thee best grandparents in the world and I will miss spending Sunday evenings visiting them and playing double solitaire and.. It is going to be a rough separation to say the least. 

I am sure once I am there I will notice loads more, but this is a start.

However, as it gets closer I also am getting more and more excited. Which I originally did not believe to be possible. I haven't slept properly in about three weeks due to anticipation (so yes, my eye has been twitching for over two weeks due to lack of sleep. That's a real thing). But I am thinking that staying up all night before going is the best option because then I might actually be able to sleep on the plane and be on the right time zone when I get there! See the genius there? Thanks. 

Well. That is all for now. 

Love Always, Aimee