Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hidden Secrets of the City; (Mayfair Walk)

Last week I took a stroll through the part of town known as Mayfair. Dating back to Roman times, May Day Fair was the celebration of the first day of summer. Over time the theme transformed to one of love and lust as the young and single would dance around and hope to entangle a lover of sorts. Now the area is known as Mayfair, and while it still mostly attracts the youth it is not just a festival to satisfy lust. It is now a vibrant part of town that I found full of bright colors, intriguing alleys, and delightful markets.

It is no wonder this area draws the younger generation in as the vocal point for their social life. I was enchanted by the quiet energy in the air. Driving though it I don't think one would notice anything particularly memorable or different about the district. But, take a nice walk and you are quickly pulled in and lost in the magic that is market alleys and hidden churches. I am fairly certain I could make Mayfair my home for good.  Or at least spend a good number of nights exploring it.

There are flowers all over London. I love it. Why doesn't Salt Lake follow suit? I will never know. You can walk down any street and spot flowers either in a shop, hanging from pubs, or in flower boxes outside of windows. If you are really looking you will get lucky and spot little paths that lead to a sanctuary of sorts: paths lined with enough foliage you momentarily forget you are in one of the biggest cities in the world. If you are ever lucky enough to come through this city make sure you really do WALK it; none of that taxi business. This walk really showed me it has so much to offer to those willing to be curious enough to look for it. 


Don't you just want to wander down every alley and go in every shop? 

It's mix of natural beauty and aging buildings still full of life make it the perfect hang out and young adult atmosphere. It's trendy, fresh, and energetic while managing to show off it's old charm and traces of history. What more could you ask for on a Friday night with someone special or a free afternoon with friends?

Another favorite part of the walk was finding the markets. Here is Piccadilly Market outside of St. James's Church; a return trip will be planned soon for sure. If you are willing to talk to those selling you can learn so much about the area, life in Mayfair, and things going around London. They might even lower their prices if you're cool enough ;) 

So obsessed with these hand-painted bowls. I would buy enough for my future home if I A) could actually get them home and B) wasn't a poor college student, haha. Really, these markets are as good as finding buried treasure in my opinion. 

Three cheers to Mayfair for having alluring alleys, delightful scenery, and an ambiance full of zest and (possibly) some magic. Now go take a walk around your own town and discover the secrets its been hiding in your own backyard all along!

Love Always, Aimee