Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bonjour, Belgium!

((Grandpa please don't hate me for practicing my French; I couldn't help it.))

I was so incredibly blessed to be able to spend the weekend in Belgium before heading to the United Kingdom. My aunt is from Belgium and arranged for me to stay with her cute parents Friday to Monday morning! They were so kind to me and showed me around Brussels and Bruges. Needless to say both were breathtaking.

The architecture, potted flowers everywhere, cobble stone streets, old cathedrals, statues, markets, and vines creeping up the side of the buildings all contributed to the magical feel of the place. It seemed it was made to be the home of fairytale characters and not real people.

I don't have much else to say other than I loved it and want to go back sometime in life, but here's some pictures that can do it more justice than my words ever will.


This is the Atomium, named and designed after an Atom. It is Belgium's Eiffel Tower in the sense that when they built it they never intended for it to stay up, but then it brought so many people they left it. 

Just thought I'd take it home with me. I know, I know. Such a tourist picture.
How kind.

A Cathedral in downtown Brussels 

*no caption needed*

One of my favorite parts of walking the streets of Europe are the artists. I am actually already regretting not buying this certain watercolor I looked at.. *sigh*

Here's a cool kid chilling with his ice cream cone in front of the Palace. Yes, he totally knew I was taking his picture and I did it anyways. He made it better, okay?

part of the Palace interior

The most photographed statue in the world made PG just for your pleasure.
You're welcome.

Classic Tourist

Should I be embarrassed to admit one of my favorite parts was having a real Belgian waffle? 
Because I'm not. It was incredible. 


They call it "the Venezia of the North" because of it's many rivers. I found it quite different from Venice, but still equally beautiful. 

The river guide said "We have bell towers and Churches instead of mountains to guide and orient us here!"
I wanted to point out to him that our Churches are the mountain of the Lord so they really had both and it could guide you more than just physically..

Sometimes you are faced with two options for pictures: ask a stranger or take a selfie. Both equally painful, so please no hate. 

Each house was honestly not more than 10 feet from one door to the next. They are built very narrow but go far back and three stories up. Quite different from home, no?

Dog chilling in the window; he had many admirers so who can really blame him?

That guy liked to make an appearance in all my photos.. I guess we thought the same parts were picture worthy? Oh well.
These streets though..

I would be content to wanter here forever.

Stay tuned for an update on life in London! 

Love Always, Aimee