Friday, January 17, 2014

The Best News.

Well folks. This is a game changer right here.

My acceptance letter came from BYU's London Study Abroad program last night.
Now before you just think "oh, that's so cool. Congratulations" let me try and explain to you what this means to me.
I believe in dreaming big and doing everything in your power to get there. So since about the 6th grade I have had this idea of going to London with BYU to stay at their center there and study the culture, art, and history of possibly the most fascinating city in the world. I spent my life getting the top grades in school so I could get into BYU and apply for this. I checked online for the last three years every semester to see how the different semesters varied in classes offered and professors. I worked all through high school and saved a lot of my money to pay for it. This isn't something I am doing on a whim or because it sounds cool. This isn't something I am just springing on my parents and expecting them to pay. This is a goal I have worked towards for many years and talked about for so long that it doesn't seem real now.
There are many reasons I have wanted to do this for so long. What sparked the idea was my mother. She actually did the same program while she attended BYU way back when. 
Next, England's history has always intrigued me and I love learning about it. Who doesn't?
Then there are my family ties. Majority of my ancestors are from Great Britain, my grandpa served his mission in England, my dad served in Scotland, and my older brother is currently serving in the London South mission (but don't freak out, he will be home before I leave in the fall).
 I feel such a strong connection to this city and I need to go experience and live in where I feel half of me belongs. I really can't explain why or how, but London calls to me. And now that it is real I can't stop smiling. I am so excited. I have never felt poorer but also never felt happier. I know it will only be for three months, but the experience will shape and impact the rest of my life because I will allow it to.
I really can't stop smiling. There isn't a better feeling in the world than wanting something so bad, working for it so hard, and then leaving the rest in the Lord's hands and watching it all fall into place. This last fall semester I have loved living in Provo, but the whole time I couldn't help but feel I wouldn't be back the next fall. I know that the Lord respects our righteous desires and I know he wants us to dream and plan. He wants us to have goals and work for them. What is important to me is important to him. All those nights I prayed that this was right for me and would work out he listened to and calmed my anxious and nervous heart. He never promised I would go, but he promised it would all work out. And I am so happy that it worked out the way I was hoping. But I know if it hadn't it would have been for the better because there would be something else for me to do.
I am ready to make the world my campus and London my home next fall. Dreams come true and the Lord cares about our effort and goals. I know that.
Love Always, Aimee