Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Walk on the Wild Side

Hands down one of the best walks so far. Although I do tend to think/say that about every walk we do.. (Maybe that's why they make us do them? No; ha, that is too obvious).

This one was essentially a straight walk down the south side of the Thames, apparently the more wild side. We passed no less than nine bridges. NINE. I could write this whole blog about bridges!

Don't worry though; I'm not. Too obvious, once again. Plus there were much more exciting views that take precedence. Such as the Borough Market. Guys. Have I ever told you about how much I love markets and how truly wonderful they are?? Let me tell you now: I love markets and they are truly wonderful.

Why? Allow me to show you.

Fruits and veggies = life
Fresh Produce galore. Nothing makes me happier than produce. It's the simple things and bright colors folks.

Any type of bread/roll I want in any size? Don't mind if I do. 

Homemade pies and pasties? Why not. 

Actually not a fan.. But I can still appreciate walking past them.

What's a proper market without the meat? 

I actually don't know what to call these things. But they're meat and people were going haywire for them.

Followed by seafood.

I was a little unsure about it.

Fancy some fine wine and cheese tasting for free? 
They've got you covered.
No, I did not try the wine. Why would you even ask that? 

Market's are the best because you just walk (or shove) through and see what the locals have. They are allowed the opportunity to offer you their specialties and you have the chance to get anything you could need in one place. Basically it's like Walmart except every section is owned separately and what they sell is actually something you would want. Win-win. Market's not only support the locals but allow for specialization thus ending in superior products. You get what I'm saying? Not to mention the atmosphere is so fun. It is absolutely chaotic. People every inch, shop owners trying to sell you things, samples being pushed in your face, food everywhere. I just made it sound miserable, but I promise it's not. It's so fun, energizing, PLUS you walk away with some of the best food for the best deals. I am such a supporter of markets; someone needs to hire me to advertise for them. 

You know what else I support? 

Street performers. If they're good. I'm a recent convert. Walking down the river side it added so much to hear guitars playing in the background. It made me feel like I was living in a movie scene. Walking under a bridge we were all smitten by a particular singing male guitarist.. Assuming I would never see him again, I shamelessly went to put my change in his case while Ellen snapped a photo. 
Don't worry. He saw us taking the photo and laughed a little. Then we hurried away. 
Ten minutes later we discovered we walked the wrong way and had to go past him again. Awesome*. 

*said in sarcastic voice 


Good times in the tunnel. I hope he makes it in the music world so I can say I saw him perform on the streets when he was just a beautiful, talented nobody.

After that episode we discovered yet another market. Three cheers for markets because I will never stop loving them. This one wasn't quite open and running yet, but we have plans to return soon.

Another thing this walk was not short of was theaters and galleries. We walked past Hay's Gallery, Britain At Was Museum, Clink Prison Museum, the Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, the National Theatre, Hayward's Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Clearly south of the Thames is the place to be. I have not even been inside half of those yet; I'm slacking. 

The National Theatre was kind enough to be welcoming to us weary walkers

I got to see two plays at Shakespeare's Globe. The Comedy of Errors and Julius Caesar. Both were wonderful, and it was so fun to be sent back in time in a sense. Highly recommend to all who venture to London. There is something about seeing Shakespeare in (essentially) the original location performed the way it was meant to be that is pure magic.

We stopped by the Rose Theater, another venue of Shakespeare. That one I do NOT recommend.. It was literally a hole in the wall, smelled awful, in a little bit of a sketchy area, and the lady inside was not a fan of us at all.. I suppose that was the wildest this walk got. 

This small strip of town along the south bank of the Thames has so much to offer. From the scenic view over the water, wonderful markets, the enchantment of the Globe, and endless opportunities for museums and theaters, a day spent wandering here is a solid day of excitement, beauty, and learning. What could be better than that? 

Love Always, Aimee 

One of my favorite views of London. 

Aren't my friends the cutest?