Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I know what you are thinking, I swear I can hear it. 
"Aimee. You are in England. Why would you title your post "Venice"? Do you now know that is located in a completely different (although equally beautiful) country? This is so awkward of you".

Do not freak out yet, my friends. I am about to make an announcement that will shock and shift your world:
VENICE IS IN ENGLAND TOO. Yes, that is correct. Not too far from my lovely home on Palace Court is a charming area known as "Little Venice." Why? Obviously because it looks like Venice (or so they say..). It was previously the terminus of the Grand Junction Canal and Regent's Canal and in the early 19th century was used to transport materials throughout the UK.
Now days it is just a hidden gem for smart tourists/local know-hows to enjoy a puppet show on the bank, have lunch on a floating cafe, or take a trip up stream right to the London Zoo at Regent's park. Or, if you are me, it is there to simply walk around and love for its fall colors, adorable boats, and reminder of Italy.
I cannot lie to you all though: had it not been called "Little Venice" I am not positive I would have thought of Venice too much. Having been to both the real Venice, Bruges--the Venezia of the North--and Little Venice, I can say that nothing can quite compare to the real one so it is better to keep them separate and appreciate them for what they are as an individual. It is kind of like the Harry Potter books and movies. The books are everything that is brilliant and wonderful in this world. The movies are quite excellent as well. But if you are comparing the movies to the books the entire time you watch the movie you will find them wanting. So, yes. Little Venice was beautiful. Yes, I recommend going. Yes, it had boats and a canal. No, it was not Venice.
Little Venice does have quite the past though; it used to be the "haunt of artists, writers, prostitutes, scientists, and London commuters" if you can imagine that. Now it is just quaint and rather secluded. I did this walk because of the name (obviously) and my intense love for Italy, but in the end I ended up just falling more in love with England, especially in the fall. It was a perfect Londonesque day. The sky was overcast, clouds were grey, but I was incredibly happy.

The trees are fire but I don't want them to be put out. 

Care for a ride down the river? How about to the Zoo?
Oh. Don't mind if I do..

This is what perfection looks like. Who cares that the sky isn't blue; who cares that my care is out of control from the off-and-on rain; who cares that there aren't singing Italian men in gondolas. This is London. THIS IS IN LONDON. I love finding these special, hidden areas of beauty here. They are the life so much more than the big buildings or crowded tube. 

You know what other beautiful scene I saw as I crossed the canal? 
Old men taking each other for a walk. 

There were four friends and I watched for a moment before I just had to sneak (aka creep) a picture. It was the sweetest scene. They took turns pushing their friend and all assisted in getting him across the street and over the curb. I believe they were headed to the canal for a short walk (ride) in the misty rain. It just was a small reminder that the important things in life aren't things; they are people and relationships. 

After people, I would say learning and visiting places comes next on the list of important things.
How convenient for me that I get all three in one for this time of life? 
I am living with 50 of the best people I've ever met. They really have become some of my closest friends and favorite people. Each different, but I have so much love for them all. 
I am learning every day. Learning Shakespeare, art, music, British and Church history. Learning what it is like to be a small girl in a big town. Learning what it is like to be far away in a foreign land. Learning London. Learning what I want in life and who I am in this world. It is a good life in the beautiful place. 

Love Always, Aimee

Here is one of those favorite people I mentioned above. Her name is Lauren and sometimes I swear we are the same person. She is kind and funny and always in a good mood and we are going to room together come next winter! We already have so many plans and adventures we are excited for. 
Isn't that what is so wonderful about life?
As good as the moment is, there is always something to look forward to. 
London might be my dream come true, but it is not the peak of my life and that is quite a comforting thought.