Monday, October 13, 2014

Irony Trumps Everything (Walls of Londinium Walk)

While walking the route of the Roman walls of Londinium--I'm sorry--the thing that stuck out to me the most was all the pubs. Honestly, they are everywhere. The reason I noticed them though is because some pubs are just so cute. They always have flowers and bright colors that draw my attention. That being said, I decided to write a Dr. Seuss knock-off for your enjoyment.

One pub Two pub 
Red pub Blue pub

Black pub Green pub
Old pub New pub
This was has a little tree
This one has a little chair. Say! What a lot of pubs I see.
Some are sad. And some are glad. And some are very, very bad. 
Why are they sad and glad and bad?
I do not know, Go ask your dad!

From there to here from here to there, many pubs are everywhere. 

And that's as far as my pictures and creative juices carried me.. The End.

After seeing so many pubs, it only made sense to then enter a church whose exterior reminded us of the Salt Lake Temple, right?
Look at the sides! Is it just me or do you see traces of the Temple? Somebody back me up here.

Inside we met the cutest lady. She was very concerned for our spiritual well-being when she asked if we were religious and we said yes, we are members of the LDS Church. After explaining we were Christians, believed in Christ, and knew he died for us, loved us, and went through everything for us she seemed to breathe a little easier and let us leave. She was just concerned that we didn't know we weren't alone in this life, it was so sweet of her. Bless her soul. Maybe I should bring her back a Book of Mormon.

Creeper photo I took while she was talking to us... Hence the blurry image.

The interior was beautiful. I wasn't surprised though; this whole church was designed by Christopher Wren, one of the greatest architects to grace London . 

No complaints if this is the exact ceiling in my future home. Just saying..

That stained glass above the lightning and fire though.. On point. 

There were many things to see walking through the city, but my eyes kept going back to the pubs and churches. Can you blame me? My AP English teacher told us to look for the irony in everything because it is always there. "Irony trumps everything else." She must be right, because from the never-ending bars and churches in-between, there is even subtle irony found walking the old Wall of Londinium.

Listen to your English teachers folks! Especially Mama J. She knows what's up. 

Love Always, Aimee