Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Simply Beautiful; (Legal London Walk)

Today we walked through the west end of the business district in London. It wasn't quite the hustle and bustle of the financial center (see A Walk Through the City) but had a quiet beauty I fell in love with. Home to old churches (specifically the Temple Church), Guildhall, the Royal Courts of Justice, and St. Bartholomew's Hospital, this part of town is a must-see but often over looked area. It is full of rich history from every time period, grand architecture in many styles, and charming side streets that need to be wandered.

While I enjoyed seeing the historic spots and walking in a 'big city' simultaneously, my favorite views were of three things I personally greatly appreciate:
1. Nature (especially in this gorgeous fall weather. Oh my gosh I love October.)
2. Architecture
3. Business men in tailored suits. I cannot lie; they just really get to me here.. Maybe it's because I essentially only live with girls and so any guy is starting to look good? That would seem a reasonable explanation backed up by all those missionaries out there suffering similar symptoms. But I, on the other hand, am more inclined to believe there is something in the water here. I would be willing to conduct a scientific study--not just correlation style because we call know *chanted in that annoying voice you use to recite something for the 4892 in life* correlation does not mean causation--to prove that an average man from London is  simply more attractive than an average man from anywhere else. Okay. Rant on attractive men over; sorry for the tangent. Stay tuned for updates of said study in later posts. Back to my actual purpose of blogging about this walk..

I tried to capture all three of those things to show the simply beauty found just walking through the city. Enjoy!

Massive trees with changing leaves in the middle of a city: my personal oasis.
yeah, no complaints walking this road for a mile. 

One of those moments I wish I could stop in for forever. Way too beautiful.

Living in a big city for fall keeps making me think of "You've Got Mail" (best movie ever. but I will save that discussion for another time) when Meg Ryan says, "Don't you just love New York in the fall?" 
I adore London in the fall. Walking down these stone streets with crisp leaves falling around puts a smile on my face that can't go away for anything, not even the rain. Add in the sharp, almost raw air that feels perfect with a light sweater and you can imagine how it feels to spend the afternoon walking around here: heavenly.
Old Jewry designed by Christopher Wren. What a guy.

Plaza of Guildhall

random beautiful church in the middle of a busy intersection
Now for my semi creepy pictures of men I passed. There are probably some laws against this, but what they don't know can't hurt them, right? Since I had to be as sneaky as possible, these are not the highest of quality photos. My apologies. Pretend I did it on purpose to add to the mystery of them, and leave room for your own imagination and personal preferences when it comes to men in suits. 

Those last two are my favorite. Best for last, right? I realize these photos don't seem to impressive and you are probably thinking: what is all the hype about men when these appear completely average? 
It's the suits. Their suits and shoes are just on point. 

Walking through the west end made me miss walking on campus for one reason: the Tanner Building. Going through there was always a pleasure. For those of you who don't know, that is the business school on campus where essentially all the guys are wearing dress clothes. That is what walking Legal London was like only on steroids. I only managed captured a tiny glimpse of that.

As you can see, there are many wonderful sights on a brisk fall day in the west end of London. How lucky am I that this is my city, if only for a little? 
I wish fall could last forever; I dream of taking these buildings back to good old Utah so everyone can design their offices in this style; I fully intend to teach my boys the power of a good suit. 

Love Always, Aimee 

Statue of a Dragon: rad.

This street is called Little Britain, how perfect is that?